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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs

We are experts in the repair and replacement of garage door springs. Our teams are well-trained and experienced at providing excellent services.

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Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener

Automatic Garage Door Openers are a convenient way to increase your safety and make it easy to access your premises. Our professionals have tremendous knowledge of the latest Liftmaster and Marantec products, are experts in all great brands and masters in opener repair.

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Garage Door Remote Clicker

Garage Door Remote Clicker

When you want to rely on a fast garage door contractor for perfect remote clicker services, count on our company! We have the best specialists

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Specializes in opener maintenance, 24/7 sensors service

Concise explanation of your top garage doors maintenance questions. Get it right from the experts. Time to learn more about maintenance and what to do when opener problems begin! Also find out more about insulated garage doors! Get a glimpse at these tips and learn how to handle various matters related to garage doors.

How long does a garage door installation last?

Usually, there is already a system in performing the complete installation process. Therefore, most professionals are able to complete a single garage door installation of a door in just a few hours. They are also very careful to meet the standards required of them by the homeowners. A high quality installation is also assured by these installers.

Do I have to buy a new garage door opener or simply repair the one I have?

There are several garage door openers which may be repaired. This may even turn out to be a less expensive alternative. Still, total replacement is mostly recommended. This is to make sure that the highest degree of security as well as customer satisfaction is maintained in accordance to a CPSC (Consumer Products Safety Commission) law.

What is the difference between polyurethane and polystyrene insulation?

Polyurethane insulation is usually used as foam which provides a greater density of insulation than polystyrene for the same thickness. This is usually a better form of insulation as polystyrene is usually composed of particles similar to bean bag pieces which have been pressed into a full sheet. Polyurethane also usually has a greater R-value, which means that it provides a higher rate of insulation. Many manufacturers tend to lean towards using polyurethane insulation as it provides better results.

What exactly is garage door maintenance?

Garage doors are supported by many parts, which wear down over time and they would need repair in order to keep working properly. Maintenance would include the full inspection of all garage door parts for the sole purpose of detecting damaged components, which will be fixed right away and broken parts will be replaced. Our specialists say that maintenance also includes the lubrication of mechanical parts and troubleshooting, possibly upgrading of the opener.

What can I get with an insulated garage door?

We all know that opening a garage door represents opening the thermal barrier of your house. If you don’t want to always get cold after opening the door, getting an insulated door is ideal. If you choose to get an insulated door, external temperatures entering your home are minimized and this results in minimizing the use of energy in heating or cooling your home. Insulated doors also minimize noise from the outside. In addition, you can get tax credit incentives from the government for the promotion of more energy-efficient and a healthier environment.

Are pulleys replaced easily?

Once pulleys are damaged, they must be replaced immediately since the door would be jammed or just won't open. Although replacing the actual pulley is not hard per se, the whole procedure is not very easy since pulleys are connected with the garage door springs and cables and need special handling for the avoidance of accidents and mistakes.

Should I disconnect the opener in case of a broken spring?

It is best to leave the system as it is since the opener actually holds the garage door when the spring is out of the equation. The professionals of Garage Door Repair in Seattle explain that it is particularly important not to disconnect the opener in case the door is not fully closed. The best way out of the situation is immediate replacement. The door must not be operated until the new spring is set in place.

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